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Why AF-KLM ?

The main airline companies that still transport animals intended to laboratories are: Air France-KLM and Air India.

Air France-KLM dominates this very lucrative market and is at the main company transporting primates to laboratories in Europe. By participating in this unethical trade, Air France-KLM is accessory to animal cruelty and scientific fraud.


Animal cruelty

Raised or captured, the animals intended for the animal experimentation are condemned to a life of sufferings morals and physics. For biomedical research, many primates are torn off in their natural environment. According to a study of the BUAV, 8 macaques captured out of 10 die before arriving at the laboratory. They can be killed during their trapping but it is especially common that they die as a result of the stress caused by their captivity. Many primates also die during transport.


After having travelled in narrow cages on the way to local airports, they must undergo air transport as part of journeys that can last for up to 60 hours and during which they can be subjected to numerous stopovers. During the flights, they are trapped in cages and are locked up in the cargo hold where ventilation and temperature controls can be inadequate. Some primates are also diseased and will die during the quarantine period at their destination.


Scientific Fraud

The animals conveyed by Air France-KLM are used for highly invasive experiments in laboratory. Monkeys are often used in neurological experiments, (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases), and research in to drug development and vaccines. However, it is a widely accepted fact that no species of animal is the biological model of another, (see, and animal experimentation is being increasingly recognised as a scientific fraud which is being rejected by a growing number of researchers in the research community.


Companies that have changed their policy

The majority of airline companies refuse to transport these animals, intended for a death slow, painful and vain which does not generate any tangible benefit for the development of human medicines.


American Airlines, Northwest Airlines Delta, TWA, Virgin Atlantic, Clouded Airlines, Air Mauritius and Amerijet International have all stopped the transport of primates.

British Airways and Pakistan International Airlines refused to transport any live animal for use in laboratories and El Al is the latest company to commit not to transport animals for scientific research.


Below is the comprehensive list of companies who have a policy not to transport animals for scientific research, and we strongly urge Air France-KLM to join them:


Aer Lingus, Air Malawi, Air Hong Kong, Air Lada, Air Malta, Air Mauritius, Air New Zealand, Air Seychelles, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, British Airways, China Airlines, British Midland, Cargolux, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Cyprus Turkish Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta Airlines, DHL Aviation, Easyjet, El Al, Emirates, Eva Air, Finnair, Flybe, Gulf Ai, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines, Iberia, Jet2, Kenya Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Korean Air, Loganair, LOT Polish Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Olympic Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines, Qantas Airways, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, Ryanair, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Southwest Airlines, TAP Portugal, Taxi Air Fret, TNT Global, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Zorex