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NETHERLANDS: Demos against Air France-KLM

Tuesday, 28 February, 2012

Protest at KLM's travel clinic in The Hague followed by another one at the gates of KLM's HQ in Amstelveen.

On Tuesday the 28th of February we protested outside the KLM travel clinic in The Hague. With placards, leaflets, and megaphones we made our message clear to people passing by. It's sick Air France-KLM ships lab animals and the people who walked past our protest totally agreed with us !

Halfway during the demonstration when the cops passed by, a hysterical KLM worker ran outside. She asked the cops to arrest us and starting screaming after one of our activists, using some very racist words ! Quite soon after one of the cops brought her back in again and kept watching from a distance. Apparently the KLM workers are very frustrated we are protesting outside their offices !

We ended the day with a demonstration in front of KLM's headquarters in Amstelveen. For 1,5 hour we stood at the gates of KLM and confronted the workers and the people walking past.

We will keep coming back until Air France-KLM pulls out the lab animal trade !

Respect voor Dieren

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