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FRANCE: New action in Lyon

Saturday, 25 February, 2012

Activists from Respect Animal once again organised an action to denounce Air France KLM's transport of animals for vivisection laboratories.

Three activists, helped by five supporters, held an information stall in the center of Lyon from 14:30 to 17:30. While some of the activists handed out Air Souffrance leaflets, another one informed the passers by with a megaphone:

"Ladies and gentlemen, hello, welcome on board theAir Souffrance airline. We are here until 17:30 to denounce Air France-KLM's transport of animals for vivisection laboratories. We ask the airline to stop transporting primates, dogs, cats, birds and many more... To support us, do not hesitate to come to our stall in order to sign our petition. Have a pleasant trip with Air Souffrance"

A very large number of Lyon citizens and French or foreign tourists came to our stall to sign the petition! We collected 140 signatures!

Those that came to our stall were very intersted in our cause. They all told us about their repulsion for vivisection, knowing that subsitutive methods exist and encouraged us to continue until Air France stops those shameful transportations.

Thank you to the 5 supporters that helped us during this action!


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