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FRANCE: Demo against an AF-KLM agency in Paris

Saturday, 18 February, 2012


As every Saturday, we demonstrated against an Air France-KLM agency in Paris, this time at Bastille.

The Police Department, that usually lets us demonstrate in front of the shops, told us that it would no longer be possible to do so. We would have to stand 200 meters away, between a shoe shop and an underground exit.

This time, we ageed to do so in order to have time to sort out this new problem and managed to hand out loads of leaflets to the passers by and denounce Air france-KLM by the use of a megaphone. People were shocked to find out that this airline is the main transporter of animals for vivisection and were horrified to see the posters showing the harsh reality of animal testing.

We know that Air France-KLM regularly complains to the police about our demos and really hates us standing outside it's agencies. When we do so, some of it's custumers are disgusted by the lab animal business and just walk off without entering their shop. During quite a time, Air France-KLM even closed some of it's agencies during the demos, hoping that we would just go home but of course we didn't! The airline soon had to start opening again because it lost too much money.

We know that we are pains but this campaign will not stop until Air France-KLM takes the right decision, an ethical and scientific one (see:, to stop transporting ALL SPECIES of animals destined to labs !



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