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ITALY: Protest against Air France-KLM in Milano

Saturday, 18 February, 2012


On saturday februray 18th about 30 activists converged in front of the most important tourism fair in Italy, called BIT, taking place in MIlano.

This demo was organized specifically to ruin Air France's image in front of their customers and their partners.

The opening day of BIT 2012 has been different than usual, with activists imprisoned in cages to remember the fate of monkeys transported to vivisection labs and 15 more holding huge letters to write "Stop vivisection".

Hundreds fo leaflets have been handed at all people going iside the fair, with the call to boycott Air France until they stop transporting animals for vivisection.

The response of the public has been good and many vowed not to fly with Air France anymore. Some travel agents asked for our leaflets to hold them in their shops, and one even for the big poster with a monkey in a lab and "boycott Air France" written in bold letters. A travel agent shop is definitely the best place to show this poster!

Some local media also reported our demo, helping us to spread news on the
international campaing against Air France.

We are determined to stop the trade of animals to vivisection labs, and Air France is a key player. This is why we will keep spreading this campaign and pushing this company for an ethical decision..

Stop lab animal flights!

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