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FRANCE: Air France-KLM denounced to tourists

Saturday, 9 April, 2011

This Saturday, fifteen activists from Air Souffrance at the Trocadéro in Paris, a busy tourist district less than 500M from the world famous Eiffel Tower. French and foreign tourists were informed about Air France-KLM's trade in lab animals through an information stand, posters and leaflets.

File 95A group of militants wearing animal masks holding signs, were chained together to draw attention to the stall. Many tourists were pleased to have the opportunity to take pictures of an event with such a beautiful panorama but horrified to discover the truth about the traffic of lab animals. They had never realised that there was such a trade or that Air France-KLM was a link in that chain. We explained to them that Air France-KLM are the number one transporter and invited them to visit the campaign website to discover the other companies involved in this evil trade:

During this time activists also distributed leaflets on the outlet side of the subway (including English leaflets for the non-French-speaking tourists). The leaflets explain the campaign and encourage people to write at the head office to require of the airline company to change its policy.

We also received some news from our cyber-protest, (you can find emails to the representatives of Air France-KLM from our site). It would seem that there have already been lots of participants because the company has made a formal complaint against “Persons Unknown” following a blocking of their email server due to a surge of emails! That shows that the mobilisation is working but we should not lessen the pressure. This is only the start of the campaign, and we will continue to protest until Air France-KLM and their subsidiaries cease to transport laboratory animals!

If you did not write to them yet, (the original action was only released in French), now is the perfect time to politely express your dissatisfaction with Air France-KLM's policy of transporting laboratory animals. Remind them that the animal experimentation is a practice of another age, a scientific fraud which should be replaced by modern scientific methods ( and that many airlines have stopped transporting lab animals.


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