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Sat 29 Mar 2014

Saturday, March 29th, animal rights activists manifested in front of the commercial agency of the airline company in the center of Toulouse.

Sat 19 Oct 2013

Protest facing Air France KLM flight agency in Toulouse, France

Fri 14 Dec 2012

Sun 2 Dec 2012

Sat 1 Dec 2012
Protests in front of the agencies of Opera and Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris.

Sat 17 Nov 2012

Mass protest at the Air France-KLM agency at the Opéra, Paris

Thu 8 Nov 2012

Sat 13 Oct 2012

Protest against an Air France’s commercial agency : Opéra, Paris

Sat 13 Oct 2012

Protest at French ambassador's home, Washington DC.

Sat 6 Oct 2012

Protest in front of Air France’s Luxembourg Gardens agency, Paris.

Fri 5 Oct 2012

Protest at Corporate Offices, New-York City.

Sat 29 Sep 2012

Protest facing Air France-KLM flight agency, at Opera, Paris.

Sat 29 Sep 2012

Protest in front of a travel agency, Toulouse.

Sat 22 Sep 2012

Protest in front of Air France’s agency in Lille.

Fri 21 Sep 2012

Demonstration at Corporate Offices, New-York City.

Fri 7 Sep 2012

Demonstration at Corporate Offices, New-York City.

Mon 3 Sep 2012

A new cyber-action against Air France-KLM.

Thu 30 Aug 2012

Protest at Air France office, Brussels.

Tue 28 Aug 2012

Protests at KLM offices (Rijswijk), KLM Travel Clinique (La Hague) and action at Schiphol Airport.

Mon 27 Aug 2012

Protests at KLM Cargo (Schiphol), KLM Health Services (Schiphol) and KLM Headquarters (Amstelveen).

Sat 25 Aug 2012

Manifestation devant l'agence d'Opéra, Paris.

FRANCE: Demo against Air France in Marseille

Saturday, 26 September, 2015

Over 30 people gahered outside Air France offices in Marseille.

The protest was dedicaded to Sven et Natasha who are currently on bail and are facing 14 years in prison for fighting the vivisection industry, specially HLS.
Let's not forget Debbie who is still in prison, she has been sentenced to 6 years in prison for taking part in the fight against vivisection and HLS, write to her !

Air France is the last major company making profit by transporting animals to vivisection laboratories, knowing that these animals will be exploited, tortured and killed, ending up in the trash as a waste for the industry.
Flights can take over 60 hours and according to the BUAV, 8 primates out of 10 die before even getting to the labs.

As we arrived at the office, 2 police vans filled with armed cops were waiting for us.

Stil the protest went really well, all the flyers were distributed that day, people passing by were very supportive and asked about our action, a lot of things have been read out on the megaphone and chants for over 2 hours until the office shut : « Air France KLM murderers ! », « No cages, no farming, no animals in labs ! », « Air France guilty ! Customers accomplices ! », « Give some air, some air, open up the cages ! Give some air, some air open up the borders ! » etc.

The last chant was said as Air France also make profit by bringing migrants back to the borders, all supported by the State.

Air France we are not finished with you, as long as you will carry out such shameful policies we will be there to oppose them !

Join our actions and the Gateway to Hell campaign !

Air Souffrance Marseille

FRANCE: Demo against Air France in Lyon

Saturday, 19 September, 2015

Saturday's demo was dedicated to Sven et Natasha, accused of "conspiracy to blackmail" in relation to the SHAC campaign, against the vivisection lab HLS.

Around ten activists gathered together to protest against the transport of animal for vivisection labs by Air France, who is the main carrier in this domain.

In the middle of the demo, the employees decided to lower the blinds, forgeting that the agency has two frontages. So we moved aside and continued to show to the customer what happened in laboratories and what they are supporting by buying their plane tickets to Air France.

No cages, no prisons, freedom for all !

Air Souffrance Lyon

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